When you get tired!

You pay into a system that sends your money to other countries before they worry about you! Are you hurting in anyway in your life right now? There are things that are set rules and curriculum when you were in school. How much of that was forced on you to learn and helps you right now? There are things that are taught that give false entitlement. There are courses that encourage racism. Are you tired of that? We won’t go forward until we stop accepting the crap being forced down our throats. We have to change what is going on. … Continue reading When you get tired!

Support your Independent candidate

In order to win this campaign I need your vote. I need your support. The Cooper administration will work for you. Your elected politicians will work for you. No more sweetheart deals. No more lobbyists allowed. It is not fair that a politician can take a bribe. I need your support and any campaign funds raised will go toward the campaign. It is FEC regulated. Please donate any amount you can so we can really win together. Continue reading Support your Independent candidate

It is Time to take Responsibility!

Do you ever get tired of hearing people blame everyone else for their problems? Do you look everywhere except the place where the problems begin? Have you ever heard a person complain about the officer that gave them the ticket? Well it is time to grow up! There are some things that are beyond your control, but the majority of your problems are because of decisions you made. Taking responsibility for our actions is the first key to changing the problems of our nation. The second thing is to understand that there is no privilege just rights earned for our … Continue reading It is Time to take Responsibility!


The infrastructure of the strongest nation on Earth should not be outdated or failing in any way. Profits should not stand in the way of progress. Robert W. Cooper Jr wants to create the National Infrastructure Commission and Department to guarantee that the nation’s infrastructure stays up to date and fully functional. The jobs that will be created will also help to move the economy forward. The candidate will produce a brief video explaining the commission and the departmental duties. Continue reading Infrastructure


The U.S. government has a way to manipulate and motivate its citizens. Right now the worry about healthcare is at an all time high. By dangling the notion that we may loose our medical benefits or that the prices will go up has the concerned citizen confused, angered, and just plain lost. Robert W. Cooper Jr has a plan and he will post it online in a video to let you know that it is not impossible for American citizens to have universal healthcare coverage. In the video the cost will be covered and what it will take to enact … Continue reading Healthcare