When you get tired!

You pay into a system that sends your money to other countries before they worry about you! Are you hurting in anyway in your life right now? There are things that are set rules and curriculum when you were in school. How much of that was forced on you to learn and helps you right now? There are things that are taught that give false entitlement. There are courses that encourage racism. Are you tired of that? We won’t go forward until we stop accepting the crap being forced down our throats. We have to change what is going on. What benefits does Donald Trump have selling out to Russia? The only thing that I have seen is he got paid for approving the oil pipe line. He also is getting kick backs for opening the national monuments and protected lands to the 1%ers. That means big business for those of you that support Trump! He has never wanted to meet you and plays to you like you are stupid! What can you say he has done for you? For the racist he has fed your ignorant non-productive fight. Since slavery was abolished and finally upheld in the reconstructed union you still hold on to ideals that was put in place to try and keep slavery in place and the kicker is that it has been more profitable enslaving the entire population of this country. If you think you are free stop paying your property tax and see what happens! Are you tired of that? They have the nerve to sell technology and weapons to people that pretend they are our friends and the next thing you know we are in a police action or war against that supposed friend. The other enemy that we have is a country that has something we want. In the seventies it was the middle east. Everyone of those countries have gotten billions of American dollars money and a few American lives! The thing is that it was not to establish a good life for those citizens in that country it was to make money for their elite. Why are we losing American lives for them? Are you tired of that? It is time for true change. We can figure out the cost per person for healthcare and make everyone responsible for paying that. Of course parents will be responsible for their own children. Social welfare is necessary because the death toll will cause a rebellion that will destroy the country! Are you ready for that? If you think things are hard now just imagine no order, rampant killing, and other horrors. How long do you think it will take before our enemies show up? Are you ready for that? We have had world order because the United States became the most powerful nation on this planet. We feel that we are entitled but this reputation came with a price and that was thousands of lives. A lot of this sacrifice came before there was social warefare. Some came after and we grew as a nation because it is more profitable to take from everyone that is below the 1%ers. The tax breaks that the media is always talking about who will benefit from that? You pay for a flawed healthcare program. Are you tired of that? You can go into the hospital for either an emergency or procedure and if you have no insurance they can charge you whatever they want. How come two different people can be charge a different price for the exact same aspirin? Are you t tired of that? Our elderly are some of the people that sacrificed for some of the things we have today yet a lot are thrown away and discarded like we are from somewhere else. Are you tired of that? There are thousands of issues that I can talk about, but that is the problem talking. I will call for investigation on where our money is going and why? American lives have value and it will carry heavy repercussions for harming our people. That goes for every citizen! In order for the US to stay on top we need our military to stay #1 building and offering careers in that field. The military also is suppose to be protecting our boarders yet they are sparsely used to protect two boarders of close contact to the US. Trump is racist and he calls a people thieves and other stupid names and does not say anything about the illegal actions that come from the north. Did you know about that? Why is the opioid now an epidemic? People of this world have been using and abusing drugs since the beginning. Now it is an addiction. The thing is that the st—- user doesn’t know is that it all was created by the 1%ers to control the stupid. Not to get off track if you are truly tired of this mess get in support of Robert W Cooper Jr for President in 2020. http://www.robert-w-cooper-jr.com


There is a campaign fund app on the site send whatever you can it is time to walk instead od talk! It is time to talk responsibility! You will be responsible!www.bonfire.com/roberts-campaign-188/

3 thoughts on “When you get tired!

  1. I agree with your points on how trump does not address the actual problems going on in the U.S. He doesn’t respect the citizens he is suppose to lead and he acts accordingly to his emotions instead of dealing with the politics as he should as the leader of free country. #VoteCooperPresident2020 ✊🏾🇺🇸

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