It is Time to take Responsibility!

Do you ever get tired of hearing people blame everyone else for their problems? Do you look everywhere except the place where the problems begin? Have you ever heard a person complain about the officer that gave them the ticket? Well it is time to grow up! There are some things that are beyond your control, but the majority of your problems are because of decisions you made.

Taking responsibility for our actions is the first key to changing the problems of our nation. The second thing is to understand that there is no privilege just rights earned for our part in this great country. When we take responsibility for our actions we will also hold the others for their actions. This will put us at the right place of expecting the government to be working for us. You have heard people tell you that they work for you, but you are the last to reap the benefits of that relationship.

There are a lot of stories that can be told but I don’t want to hold you too long before getting to my point. We need to take responsibility. You will be responsible! Support Robert W Cooper Jr for President of the United States!

Support your Independent Candidate for President!!!

A political site in support of Robert W. Cooper Jr Donate what you can!!! You can send donations to 1022 Matsumoto Street Sierra Vista , Arizona 85635


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