medicalThe U.S. government has a way to manipulate and motivate its citizens. Right now the worry about healthcare is at an all time high. By dangling the notion that we may loose our medical benefits or that the prices will go up has the concerned citizen confused, angered, and just plain lost. Robert W. Cooper Jr has a plan and he will post it online in a video to let you know that it is not impossible for American citizens to have universal healthcare coverage.

In the video the cost will be covered and what it will take to enact the coverage. Robert thinks that it should be a right as an American citizen to get any and all medical treatment and coverage available to the modern world. The citizen has to accept responsibility and demand the rights afforded to them because of the sacrifice put forth by our forefathers. Stay tuned the video will be coming shortly.

Support your Independent Candidate for President!!!

A political site in support of Robert W. Cooper Jr Donate what you can!!! You can send donations to 1022 Matsumoto Street Sierra Vista , Arizona 85635


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