Teachers bonuses and benefits.


Teachers are going to be important during the Cooper administration. You won’t have to stage walk outs or demonstrations to let me know how important you are. I always say it is time to take responsibility and you will be responsible. I will work on passing a bill that teachers are paid for the eight weeks of the summer and all trainings and work shops will be carried out during this time. No more workshop days during the school year. The health insurance issue will be addressed in another post. Did you know that the administrator that makes you pay what you pay for health insurance gets the coverage for a lot less or free? How can you do your best when you can’t take care of your own? Let me know what you think. We Have A Choice!!!

Support your Independent Candidate for President!!!

A political site in support of Robert W. Cooper Jr Donate what you can!!! You can send donations to 1022 Matsumoto Street Sierra Vista , Arizona 85635


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