Careers and the future outlook

In order for you to purchase the things you need and the things you want you need a decent living salary. It is amazing that the 1%ers send all of their production business overseas to increase their profits but expect you to buy their products here in the United States. How do they expect you to pay for the products if you have no jobs, or a job that is paying you children’s wages and don’t care if you can feed your family or keep your utilities on? First I want to have a commission put together to see about raising the tariffs on overseas products to encourage manufacturers to bring the jobs back home.

I am not going to pretend to know everything so I will use the knowledge of the intelligent +people who you elected to work for you. I can tell you that I want to introduce a program that encourages certain career choices¬†and incentives to keep those careers hot on the youth’s list to look forward to performing the position long-term. One incentive is to offer a tax break that will give them a bigger return during tax season. Encouraging the youth to keep their records clean so they can become the law enforcement officers we are going to need. The medical field is ever so important as we are living longer these days.

I want to hear your thoughts on my ideas and if you have some ideas I want to hear them. I am not a big fan of the town hall meetings because of the tactics of the warring factions that send in hired goons to disrupt very important proceedings. The meeting are supposed to be where the citizens can get important information about upcoming events, public works, and very important decisions. The disruption is done to keep you confused about the decision. It is a shame that they can tell you false information  to try to influence a vote or decision and they are not liable for the false information. I will propose that Sworn politicians be responsible for the information they use and report falsely has a penalty of jail time just like perjury. I guarantee that they will clean up their act after 1 is convicted.

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