Auto insurance regulation

cars on highway

The auto insurance industry will be regulated. Part of taking responsibility will call for citizens to grow up and respect the steel. Stricter laws on driving and text and driving under the influence to get the point across will help in regulating auto insurance. There will be no more lies aloud by the companies telling you they raised rates because of other drivers accidents. No more rate hikes because you live in a neiborhood of predominantly people of color. No more raising rates just because they can. The lobbyist spends some money with your states insurance commissioner and the politicians on the insurance commission and you are open to whatever they throw down. They don’t care if you can feed your children or if you can eat. You are responsible for paying those rates and these same people still want to pay you a low minimum wage. I know what you are going through because I suffered through it with 40 pound kidneys. I do mean suffered normal kidneys are 8 cm’s and mine were 54 cm’s. I was ignored by several doctors and told by one to stop having children. He was in Tampa, Florida I will tell you his name in person. Not to get off topic. What would you do with money saved after regulation?

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